Asia Floor Wage Cambodia is a member of the Asia Floor Wage Alliance’s Steering Committee, on behalf of Cambodian garment workers employed in the global garment industry as a fundamental human right of workers.

About Asia Floor Wage and the Asia Floor Wage Alliance
Asia Floor Wage Campaign that is hosted by the Asia Floor Wage Alliance- International campaign aims to bring a decent minimum living wage for the garment workers across Asia. Almost 70 % of the global garment production is produced in Asia. However, the current monthly wage that the workers receive is less than the decent minimum needs of their family.

Therefore, we are organizing a cross-border campaign across the global production chains to demand the implementation of a living wage for the garment workers across the Asia.

Union leaders and labor activists in Asia came together to explore a union-based Asian strategy for the global garment industry. The discussions began in India and moved to other Asian countries. Wage emerged as the key issue for strategizing; and the concept of an Asia Floor Wage began to be explored. The scope of the discussion was then expanded by organizing meetings in different places in North America, United States and Europe with the help of several partners. This process took place between 2005 and 2007.

The AWF Alliance was officially formed in 2005, and almost 71 organizations from 17 countries across Asia, Europe, and North America are part of this alliance. There are garment industry trade unions, NGOs, consumers groups, research institutes which are part of this broad network. However, our key mobilization target is the trade union movement in the garment industry. We also mobilize the consumers in the north and lobby the garment retailer and big brands via our international partners in the north.

There are now ongoing campaigns that have been started in some of the Asian countries.

However, we also engage in dialogues with the state and the retailer/brand in order to support the demands and implement the Asian floor wage for the garment industry
We recognize that Vietnam is also one of the key producers for the garment industry and has a large number of its population that is working in this industry.

About Asia Floor Wage Cambodia:
The AFWA Cambodia consists of:
Cambodia Confederation of Trade Unions.
Cambodian Labour Confederation
Community Legal Education Center
Cambodian National Confederation
Cambodia Women Movement Organization
National Union Alliance Chamber of Cambodia
Cambodian Confederation Unions
Cambodia Worker Center for Development
American Center For International Labor Solidarity


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